peaches helps you to make your company more successful with the help of fertility benefits and family-building benefits.

With these benefits, you can reposition yourself in the battle for talent and attract and retain qualified professionals and executives!

This is what our White Label Solution looks like!


of employees prefer benefits over a salary increase


For the vast majority of employers, fertility benefits do not drastically increase costs


of employers want to be perceived as family-friendly employers through fertility benefits


of small businesses in the U.S. offer fertility benefits


in the case of American companies with more than 500 employees.


for large companies with more than 20,000 employees

Source: The renowned US business magazine Forbes

Why should your company
offer Fertility & Family Building Benefits?

Sickness rates rise steeply

With our online courses, employees can stay fit mentally as well as physically and talk with doctors in live sessions

Growing shortage of skilled workers and managers

You are looking for ways to retain your employees long-term and be attractive to new applicants

Women suffer more and more from depression

Issues with conceiving and the conflict of becoming increasingly infertile from age 35 onwards pose major problems for women and couples.