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We already have various benefits offers for our companies. Why do you need peaches anyways?

peaches offers, in contrast to the vast majority of impersonal benefits, the possibility to be an important support for employees in the most important moments such as during fertility issues and pregnancy. peaches is the solution if you want to position your company women- and family-friendly, and if “career and family” should no longer be just a phrase, but lived values.
This creates much higher levels of loyalty among employees. Absenteeism and high fluctuation, for example after parental leave, are reduced. At the same time, you will become a talent magnet for female professionals and managers and promote more diversity!

We are trying to hire more women right now, can you help with that?

In other countries, these types of benefits have long been implemented successfully to attract more female professionals and managers.

Experts say: those who provide fertility and family-building benefits early on in Germany will quickly benefit from this trend and be able to retain significantly more female talents!

In the U.S., the fact that a company offers fertility benefits or family-building benefits is decisive for many people when looking for a new job…

Don’t miss the moment to jump in!

The special part about peaches is: We offer very low-threshold starter packages to get started quickly and easily, which makes it already worthwhile for companies with 50 or more employees!

Why peaches and not other providers?

In the area of fertility and family-building benefits, we currently offer the largest selection of benefits in the GSA region and a successful concept that has already helped thousands of women and couples!

peaches is the ONLY provider in Europe to offer exclusive access to Germany’s largest online course provider, storchgeflüster. Your employees can access 600+ video tutorials in 20+ online courses for fertility issues, pregnancy, and birth from the comfort of their own homes. storchgeflüster is a TEST WINNER and has already supported thousands of women in the GSA region to become happy parents.

A special offer on how women can get back to work not only benefits employers but also makes everyday life much easier for young mothers. A classic win-win situation.

Your employees benefit from a team of over 40 doctors and experts. This team was carefully put together and impresses not only with special professional competence but also with high empathy.

Your employees can meet with this team in one-on-one or anonymous group sessions. And all this without the typical, annoying waiting times. This enables them to find solutions for their situation accurately and quickly.

Whether it’s sessions with gynecologists, endocrinologists, psychotherapists, reproductive physicians, pediatricians, or legal counseling for adoption, peaches offers a wide variety of support for your employees when they need it most.

Your employees can also benefit from our micronutrient consultations, osteopaths, TCM consultations, naturopathic sessions, nutritional consultations, yoga and meditations, and mental health coaches.

With peaches, you stand out from the competition, especially now that this trend is gaining extreme momentum in Germany. In this way, important new employees decide in favor of your company, and at the same time you can retain your female talents in your company; and by doing so, of course, you also promote your diversity.

How much does peaches cost?

Whether you’re with a major corporation or a mid-sized company with 50 employees…

We can assure you that peaches fits into every benefits package and that we have the right offer for every company!

The great advantage of peaches is that you can put together an individual package and choose exactly the services you need! No other provider can offer the variety and quality of low-threshold services that we do.

How can we be more supportive of our LGBTQ+ community?

Statistics show that more and more same-sex couples want to have children and face particular challenges on the way.

peaches has a team of doctors and experts specifically assembled to advise and support your employees quickly and effectively.

A number of paragraphs and peculiarities continue to complicate employees’ private happiness in this aspect. These processes can drag on for years without such guidance.

Thanks to the services of peaches, this path can be shortened and the way to happiness accelerated.

And when everything goes well in their private lives, employees typically perform significantly better on the job as well.

We have a very high ratio of men in the company, so why is peaches now particularly important?

Companies that want to increase their quota of women in the long term must become more appealing to women and offer good internal solutions for the compatibility of career and family.

peaches provides one of the most effective ways to attract and retain more female talent.

As for a male-dominated workforce, we very often see that their partners can be decision-makers for career changes. Therefore, we also offer partner accounts!

With this partner account, the “significant others” have access to peaches services (such as online courses, LIVE sessions with doctors and experts), through which your male workforce can relax better regarding family-related topics, keeping productivity and motivation high.

Can fluctuation after parental leave be solved with peaches?

Yes. Our main task at peaches is to provide, at the time when other companies are losing their bond with their employees, targeted support and always be there for them.

The company is thus perceived as a supporter in the most important phases of life and at the same time offers intensive support during parental leave. This actually increases retention and leads to very high loyalty.

Through family-friendly values with peaches, your company makes parents feel comfortable! A special “back to the job” program provides clarity and the right organization for a good start after parental leave!

Our problem is that we work remotely and employee retention is so much harder. What kind of solution does peaches offer?

The problem is that while many benefits are nice on the surface, they don’t address our deepest and innermost needs.

If you were to help a couple with fertility issues finally get pregnant after years of desperate trying – you would never have a more loyal employee in your company.

People feel that their employers were an important support in such times!

Companies are increasingly reporting to us that they are having problems transmitting company values into their own living rooms. “Family Building Benefits” help employees during the most difficult and challenging moments of their lives and put their company in a whole new context!

Whether at home or on the go.

We are actually looking to reduce our benefits right now, why should we still sign up for peaches?

It’s true: There are some benefits that don’t create real impact and are rather impersonal.

Be a support to your employees in their most important moments. A lifesaver!

Starting a family these days is anything but easy:

1 out of 6 couples faces issues trying to have children

The current midwife shortage scares young mothers as they no longer have that support

Shortage of specialists leads to immense waiting times if you can get an appointment at all

There are more and more high-risk pregnancies

1 in 3 women experiences a miscarriage

Women cannot find their way back to work due to overwhelming demands and lack of support

With peaches you tackle all these taboo topics and become a showcase company!

So it’s a benefit offer that really pays off.

Is your concept already working?

Julia Neuen has already won several awards with storchgeflüster, Germany’s largest platform for online fertility and pregnancy courses, and knows the market like no other!

She is also the founder of peaches and thus offers your company years of experience and a renowned team of doctors and experts!

By now there are already thousands of success stories. With the platform storchgeflüster we have received the award TOP Recommendation 2022 and TEST WINNER 2022.

Can peaches reduce the high absenteeism in our company?

Yes, peaches can help reduce absenteeism.

Why? Because employees can find direct answers to their issues and questions they have and, therefore, do not have to spend their valuable time in crowded waiting rooms.

In addition, peaches offers 1on1 live sessions with over 40 doctors and experts! Thus, we can also help your employees in a preventive way – physically and mentally.

We would like to change our company's perception in the direction of family-friendliness, but find it difficult internally and externally. Can you help?

peaches offers an above-average range of marketing measures to make the implementation visible internally and thus also drive changes.

Comprehensive onboarding, welcome boxes, flyers, displays, and live events in your company are available to inspire your employees.

But the employer branding for our clients is also very important to us, so we offer PR via our social media channels, press relations support in your region, podcast recordings, and joint marketing campaigns to positively highlight your company!

How many doctors and experts do you have available?

peaches is the only fertility and family-building benefits provider to offer access to over 600 audited video tutorials in 20+ online courses from the storchgeflüster.de platform. The courses have been awarded TEST WINNER and offer your employees access to an outstanding medical pool on topics related to fertility, pregnancy, and birth.

Over 40 different doctors and experts can be consulted, plus we offer specialized consultations for the LGBTQ+ community and singles!

In addition, we can assist you in coordinating clinical services.

The right solution for every company size


We help startups and scaleups support their employees so that important internal processes can run smoothly.

Medium size

Small and medium-sized companies value our comprehensive range of services to help them stand out in the highly competitive labor market.


For very large companies, we offer customized solutions that can be easily combined with internal structures.

This is what our White Label Solution looks like!


of employees prefer benefits over a salary increase


For the vast majority of employers, fertility benefits do not drastically increase costs


of employers want to be perceived as family-friendly employers through fertility benefits


of small businesses in the U.S. offer fertility benefits


in the case of American companies with more than 500 employees.


for large companies with more than 20,000 employees

Source: The renowned US business magazine Forbes