#Skilled labor shortage – and what the biological clock has to do with employer branding & retention!

By 2035, the number of people in the labor force will shrink by 7 million in Gemany alne, and thus a relatively unnoticed group of people becomes more and more interesting for companies. Women!

Although they make up 50.7% of society, many companies have not yet recognized this untapped potential or just perceive it as a temporary investment. Because one day the question of family/child VS career will arise.

But it has long been clear that companies can no longer afford the VS and that we would have 800,000 more female workers available in Germany at a stroke if the compatibility of family/child AND career were given (source: ACI). Companies that position themselves as women- and family-friendly are clearly en vogue and are fully in line with a successful diversity strategy.

The battle for the best female specialists and managers has long since begun. At the same time, the pressure is growing immensely to be able to show women in top management. But where to take them from?

Experience from other countries such as the US, the UK and Scandinavia shows that the compatibility of children and career must begin when employees start thinking about starting a family. Since in the vast majority of cases this conflicts with career planning, companies can become the biggest gamechanger for employees, create excitement and trigger a WOW effect.

The magic word is Fertility Benefits.

Why family building benefits are becoming increasingly important

According to studies, 44% of women are afraid of having a child AND a career. It can’t stay that way.

Especially in a society suffering from a massive shortage of skilled workers.

The situation is even worse, as the following statistics show:

1 in 3 women is affected by miscarriage. Between 10-15% even develop postpartum depression
1 out of 6 couples suffers from desire to have children
Numerous women can no longer find a midwife
63% of LBTQ+ Millenials community want a child, yet, many face issues in overlooking legal hurdles
20% of divorces take place in the first year after birth
Up to 75% of women suffer from period pain
Every woman goes through menopause

What this has to do with you as an employer?

In all these described situations, affected persons are exposed to strong emotional and psychological stress and their mental health is scratched.

Work productivity and motivation can suffer massively from depression, listlessness, low self-esteem, distraction, financial worries, and so on. Absenteeism becomes the rule rather than the exception.

And in case of doubt, this does not only affect the individual employee, but possibly her entire team or department.

Your company mainly employs men?

Men are also suffering. But not only that: many of them are in a relationship, so they experience this emotional rollercoaster with their partner / significant other.

With family building benefits, you also get the chance to increase your female share in the company. It has been proven that companies with more diversity in management positions are also commercially more successful…

By the way, other countries (especially the USA, UK and Scandinavian countries) are already much further along in this respect. Statistics from these countries suggest that up to 70% of Millenials would switch employers if they offered fertility benefits.

Your advantages as an employer

Family-friendly employer branding

Attractiveness for top talents in the industry

Higher recruiting rates and decreasing headhunter costs

Lower internal fluctuation after parental leave

Earlier return to work after parental leave

Which employees you promote


Young parents

Same sex couples

Single women

What you as an employer should look for in fertility benefits for your employees

Many providers reduce the term “fertility benefits” to the aspect of “social freezing” (i.e. egg freezing) and “artificial reproduction technologies / ART” (e.g. IVF, ICSI, insemination).

To really create a WOW effect among your workforce, you should think of this benefit holistically and also consider how you can also touch your employees emotionally during this phase and maintain contact with them.

You should also create offerings that can appeal to your entire workforce: Besides straight women in relationships, also consider to provide services to single women, the LBTQ+ community and – not to forget – men.

In order to really carry the change into the organization, you should choose a provider who helps you to anchor these messages broadly via leadership trainings, townhall meetings & more.

Especially with such taboo topics it is important that the offers you create also guarantee anonymity, so that your employees perceive this benefit as a “safe place“…

If you take this into account, the chances are excellent that your employees will feel valued, remain loyal to your company, and that you will benefit from more diversity throughout your organization in the long term.

Sports benefits and lunch vouchers are no longer enough. It’s time for the gamechanger amongst all benefits out there, peaches!

is your right partner

The peaches team has probably the largest network of doctors and experts in the field of fertility, pregnancy, birth & postpartum in German-speaking countriesand thinks fertility benefits even in the direction of menopause, the end of fertility.

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With peaches, your employees experience an unprecedented service that inspires and that triggers a new level of retention for you as an employer.

Get ready for fertility benefits from peaches and benefit from the new trend of helping employees balance career and family planning.

We actively help you with the transformation into a
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Last but not least, when interacting with the peaches team, you will discover its passion to help you launch Fertility Benefits that really make sense and bring positive change to your employees.