About peaches – the fertility benefits provider for Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Our story




With the launch of the platform storchgeflüster.de in 2019, today’s peaches team was able to fill a gap in the healthcare system. storchgeflüster grew rapidly to the largest German-speaking platform for online courses around the desire to have children (trying to conceive) and united many of the probably best experts in the DACH-region under one roof. For the first time, affected women and couples had the opportunity to receive the best possible support as a one stop shop on their journey to their dream child. The effectiveness of the courses derived from numerous scientific studies, including Dr. Alice Domar from Harvard Medical School, who has been able to demonstrate during her academic research & studies since the 1990s that Body & Mind programs improve the probability of becoming pregnant can more than double. The secret lies in combining some of the most modern medical advancements as well as natural methods as a holistic concept.

Thousands of women and couples have since taken advantage of the storchgeflüster offers. We are onored that storchgeflüster has received the award “Testsieger” and its success rate proved our concept right. Accordingly, storchgeflüster’s offering was expanded from “trying to conceive” to “pregnancy & birth” and even “postpartum”. More than 1,000+ video tutorials and 40 experts are now part of the storchgeflüster universe. Our childbirth preparation course has just been mentioned again as being particularly comprehensive and very helpful.

Thanks to our partner offer KiwuKlinik24 we also have probably the deepest understanding of fertility clinics in Germany and Europe.

By popular request of our users, we launched peaches Benefits end of 2022. peaches brings fertility benefits resp. family building benefits to Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and probably in its most comprehensive form. We help companies support their employees from trying to conceive, through pregnancy & childbirth, to menopause.

Our motivation

How about inspiring your employees? Fruit baskets and sports benefits have long been standard. How about intensively supporting your employees in the most important phases of their lives and at the same time showing in the recruiting process that you are a family-friendly company in order to stand out from your competition?

Welcome to peaches!
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According to a survey by OMR / Opinio, 44% of women are afraid of having a child AND a career. It can’t stay that way!

Especially in a society suffering from a massive shortage of (skilled) labor. After all, according to Stepstone, there will be a shortage of seven million workers in Germany by 2035.

And then when you look at statistics:

1 in 3 women is affected by miscarriage

1 out of 6 couples suffers from trying to conceive

Increasing shortage of midwives

…then it becomes clear:

We need to work together to address these taboo topics and create a situation in which companies help their employees to reconcile work and family life. In addition, it is important to wholeheartedly convince those few female talents and retain them in the long term.

Who are the people behind peaches?

Behind peaches is a large team of (medical) doctors, experts and developers from all over the German-speaking region.

Our founder Julia Neuen is considered one of the most important experts for fertility & pregnancy in Germany and is a serial entrepreneur in the field of Female Health.

With the online course platform storchgeflüster, she has already accompanied thousands of women and couples on their way to their dream child.

She is known from FOCUS, BILD and Berliner Morgenpost and many more. She is considered an important LinkedIn voice for topics related to diversity and family & career and was, among other things, a speaker at the Human Resources Management Congress of the German Association for Human Resources Management (BPM).

As a Mom of 4, Julia is excited to support companies in their transformation towards greater compatibility of children AND career and family-friendliness.

Unique support from the trying to conceive-phase to parental leave

Access to Germany’s largest and award-winning online course offering, as well as live sessions with medical doctors and other experts for 24/7 support.

Support of LGBTQ+ & Single Women

Intensive support during the fertility journey especially also for single women, as well as legal support in adoption procedures.

Fertility Clinic- Counseling & Social Freezing

Guidance in choosing a suitable fertility clinic & fast appointment coordination. Social Freezing as an optimal offering in case of posponing family planning.

Facts, figures and data on fertility benefits

Create higher loyalty


of women return after pregnancy if they have received Family Benefits

Be a dream employer


Would like more support from your employer in balancing work & private life

Becoming attractive for talents


of Millenials (ages 25-39) would change employers for family building benefits